Bevor man auf ein Survival-Abenteuer im Weltall geht, sollte man normalerweise genau überlegen, was man braucht.

Diese Zeit gibt euch das neue Spiel 60 Parsecs! des polnischen Studios Robot Gentleman nicht. In der Rolle einer Raumschiff-Crew muss man im Weltall überleben, indem man an verschiedenen Orten nach Suppen und anderen Gegenständen suchen muss. Doch damit es nicht zu einfach wird, hat man nur 60 Sekunden Zeit und muss mit dem überleben, was man gefunden hat.

60 Parsecs! erscheint im nächsten Jahr für die PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One und dem PC. Noch mehr Informationen zum Spiel findet ihr in der offiziellen Pressemitteilung nach dem Trailer.

POZNAN, PL -- October 5, 2017 - Today, Robot Gentleman announced they will take on interstellar survival in the atomic space age in their latest game, 60 Parsecs! Building upon the success of debut title 60 Seconds!, this darkly comedic romp tasks players with scavenging as many supplies as they can carry (in 60 seconds, of course), before blasting off into space and attempting to survive on their spoils in a non-linear, narrative-driven adventure.

Melding sci-fi pop culture of the 1950s and ‘60s with Cold War and Space Race propaganda, 60 Parsecs! aims to provide gamers with a fresh take on space travel that’s both fantastic and oddly believable. In other words, you’ve never seen space travel quite like this.

This fresh coat of outer space paint is joined by a whole host of improvements to the core scavenging and survival of 60 Seconds! From completely overhauled gameplay mechanics and the introduction of a crafting system, to a deeper, more personal narrative that will take your hapless crew on a planet-hopping journey through known (and unknown) space, 60 Parsecs! lives up to its suitably larger name.

Keep your crew alive and ready for action. Make difficult choices, ration supplies and face the horrors of space, in a non-linear narrative. And maybe reach your destination. Or not. 60 Parsecs! will launch on PC through Steam, and major consoles in 2018. For more information and to follow the game’s development, follow @robotgentleman on Twitter, or visit