Ubisoft und Dark Horse Books veröffentlichen in Zusammenarbeit ein Artbook zum Open World-Adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising. Das passenderweise The Art of Immortals Fenyx Rising benannte Buch erscheint demnach am 26. Januar im Hardcover-Format und kann ab sofort vorbestellt werden. Auf über 200 Seiten dürfen sich Fans des Spiels Konzeptzeichnungen der Welt, Waffen und Charaktere ansehen, zudem gibt es einige Kommentare der Künstler dazu. Einen kleinen Eindruck über das Buch könnt ihr euch unter dieser News mit den Bildern in unserer Galerie verschaffen. 

A fanciful full-colored hardcover tome chronicling the development of the hotly anticipated video game Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft Entertainment

The creative team of Ubisoft Quebec presents a fantastical world based on mythological tales, rife with creatures such as bestial minotaur, gigantic cyclops, evil chimera, ferocious harpies, and the terrifying Medusa. This volume offers an inside look at the craft behind that massive and magical land, wherein readers will find themselves taking part in a heroic journey that spans the lush paradisiacal lands of Aphrodite the goddess of love, through the scarred battlefield and fortress of Ares the god of war, up Mount Olympus–home of the mighty Zeus, down into the darkest corners of the underworld. and much more! Not only does this book lend insights into designs of Fenyx, a new winged Greek hero, with their legendary weapons and armor, but also the environments that players will explore, the creatures they will encounter and–most importantly–the gods themselves, who seek aid against the fearsome titan and father of all monsters, Typhon!

The Art of Immortals Fenyx Rising gives readers unique insights into the masterful development of a memorable gaming experience. This collection of concept art and creator commentary is sure to engage any fan of games, art, or ancient myth!